Second online management meeting

Seond online management meeting was organized by leading University (Santiago de Compostela) on 2nd of October 2020. The following issues were discussed during management meeting.

– Changes in the partnership composition.
– Reporting and financial issues:
– Project Implementation: Flow up on all WPs:
– WP1: Task 1.3 Survey and analysis of academic and industrial spheres where IBDA is mostly demanded in CA countries.
– WP1: Task 1.4 Analysis of the EU programs on IBDA.
– WP2: Task 2.1 Developing program and conduct webinar on English training for CA staff.
– WP2: Task 2.2 Training CA staff in English CA partner HEIs.
– WP2: Task 2.3 Trainings CA academic staff in EU on IBDA methodologies and skills on corresponding software CA partner HEIs.
– WP3: Task 3.1 Elaboration of programs of the needed courses on IBDA.
– WP4: Task 4.1. Purchase of equipment/literature and software installation for IBDA Centers.
– WP4: Task 4.2. Framework developing and establishing IBDA professional and academic network between project partners.
– WP5: Task 5.1. Training to using cloud project management platforms via webinar.
– WP5: Task 5.2. Quality control and monitoring the project activities via implemented cloud project management platform.
– WP5: Task 5.3. External expertise of the developed packages of IBDA courses and Centers.
– WP6: Task 6.1. Development of dissemination roadmap and monitoring project dissemination through cloud management platform.
– WP6: Task 6.2. Development of the project Web site.
– WP7: Task 7.1. Defining project working team and task distribution. Done and shared.
– Updated work plan and next meetings
– Communications
– Other Issues

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