Establishment of training and research centers and Courses development on Intelligent
BigData Analysis in CA / ELBA

About ELBA

ELBA is an ERASMUS+ project. The acronym stands for “Establishment of training and research centers and Courses development on Intelligent Big Data Analysis in CA (Central Asia)”.
Project objectives on developing multidisciplinary package of the module based courses on IBDA for bachelor and master programs in10 universities and industry companies in CA, establishing IBDA Centers and academic and professional IBDA network of CA partner HEIs fit in with the strategic priorities of development directions including modernization and internationalization of HE in CA partner countries.
As part of the project, planning the preparation of English courses, preparing a package of courses that can be partly taught in foreign languages will help partners institutes in the development of internationalization. Training teachers in this field, acquiring skills, incorporating new courses, curricula, preparing teaching materials, creating centers and teaching students of these courses will help the modernization of higher education.

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13 partner institutions

The consortium consists of 13 partner institutions (listed below) from which the first 3 reside in Europe and will act as knowledge providers and the remaining 10 institutions are from Central Asia and will be referred as the beneficiaries.The first listed partner is the leading partner

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